Southwestern Splash
Welcome to Splash, a student-run event at Southwestern University

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What is Splash?
Splash is a one day event where university students teach classes on ANYTHING to local high school students.

Yes, anything! Something you know a lot about or something you've always wanted to learn about but never had the motivation to do the research.

"Anything" is too broad, I need help!
We'd be happy to help you figure out what you want to teach!

I don't think teaching is for me, but I'd love to help!
Well we'd love to have you volunteer!

I'm not an education major...
You don't have to be! Some of the Splash team are education majors, but not everyone. We're just students who love learning and want to share that love with high school students. We'll also meet with all teachers before the 5th to go over any concerns you might have, to help you structure your class if you want the help, and to go over safety regulations for working with minors.

I'm still nervous. How long are the classes?
Classes are 50 minutes long, and you can teach your class just once or multiple blocks, whatever works for you and your schedule.

Can I teach with a friend?
Of course!

I want to teach something, but I need materials to do it. Can you help me out?
To an extent, yes. We reimburse up to $15, but if you know you're going to need more than that, come talk to us before you buy anything and we'll see if we can work something out.

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