Southwestern Splash
Welcome to Splash, a student-run event at Southwestern University


Southwestern Splash began in 2011 with only 15 students in attendance. That number ballooned to 50 local high schoolers the very next year! SU seeks to not only show students learning opportunities outside of the classroom, but to also introduce them to the liberal arts and inspire a lifelong love of learning. However, Southwestern Splash is not alone in its mission to provide unique learning experiences to high school students. There are Splashes at MIT, Stanford, University of Chicago, and many many more! Some programs draw as many as 2,000 students per event. The non-profit organization Learning Unlimited provides national support for this community of unconventional learners. However, SU Splash is the FIRST Splash in Texas and the FIRST Splash to take place at a liberal arts university. This gives SU Splash a unique perspective and opportunity to reinvent the very idea of Splash.

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